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Ambiote is an enterprise specialized in the development,  manufacturing and distribution of Polarized Light Therapy medical devices for dental use.

Headquartered in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Ambiote has successfully entered global markets.

We shall strive for total reliability by providing our external customers, suppliers, vendors, and all fellow employees with quality performance in a timely fashion. Our corporate demeanor will at all times reflect courteous professionalism.

Our vision is to provide outstanding products, meeting the highest standards, with excellent professional service.

We believe everyone deserves healthy teeth and painless life.

We believe everyone deserves healthy teeth and painless life.

Premium quality and efficiency production

Ambiote holds an internationally relevant certificates (ISO 13485:2016 compliance) and emphasizes very strict controls in quality and production.

We are dedicated to improving the human condition around the world by delivering value-driven, innovative and high-quality medical products.

Our product, Miolite is in compliance with the custom-made device requirements under EU93/42/EEC.

Certificates and compliances

Agile Quality Management

Quality assurance for process improvement

It is the mission of Ambiote’s Quality Management Systems (QMS) Department to provide clear and concise definition, documentation and training for all internal processes. Each worker, co-worker or subcontractor of Ambiote has the opportunity to initiate process review; and to contribute to the effort of continual improvement through feedback and participation in the internal auditing system.

The goal of QMS to ensure that these efforts are reviewed and addressed by management and that each systemic alteration benefits our customers and further aligns our business practices with ISO accreditation improvement.

A caring positive experience with us.

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